Welcome a French student into your home – introduction for American host families


ECI French students (ages 13-18) look forward to their trip to the United States with great excitement.  They wish to learn more about our country, culture and people, and the best way to benefit from this experience is to live within the most basic framework of our culture – the American family. 


Students typically spend 15-20 days living with host families, usually during the summer months, and sometimes for 10-day programs during the school year too.


ECI students have the dream and courage to come to America to practice and improve their English skills, and to discover and explore the richness and diversity of American culture through the context of a family.  They are interested in learning about America as a member of a family, and in experiencing the true nature of an everyday American lifestyle, which most have only viewed through dramatized portrayals on film, television and public media.


The students will return to France with an increased appreciation of the United States thanks to your family’s hospitality and generosity.  And your family will gain valuable insight into another culture.


The French students have studied English and seek an environment where they can improve their skills.  Each student is interviewed by ECI correspondents in France to assess their maturity and ability to take responsibility for themselves in new situations.  Many of them have already traveled to other countries.


The students complete an application form in which they describe themselves, their family, interests and hobbies.  They write a statement giving their reasons for wishing to visit the United States, and they offer a personal insight into their goals and expectations.


Students have paid all their travel expenses, and they bring spending money, so host families are not obligated to finance all their outings and activities.


A very popular feature of ECI’s immersion programs are the excursion activities organized on several days of their stay.  We like to offer these activities as a way to further enhance and diversify the French student's experience.  These activities have been paid for by the French students, and often American teenagers are invited to come along.  This is a great and fun way for American teenagers to meet other French students in the group.


French students really like Americans and deeply appreciate the opportunity to come here. This is a wonderful and educational experience for the entire family, and a fun way to have a little French culture in your home this summer.


Now you know the basics!  This fun hosting experience will create wonderful and long-lasting memories that you and your French student will cherish forever. So make your home-sweet-home a French student’s favorite travel destination, and host a French student!


Contact us via email at: info@eciusa.org  or call us at (651) 646-4476