About ECI


Echanges Culturels Internationaux (International Cultural Exchanges) is a non-profit, student travel organization headquartered in the French university city of Aix-en-Provence.


Created in 1971, ECI has been arranging travel and educational trips for French youth in many countries throughout the world.  As its primary objective, ECI places French students (ages 13-18) in suitable family home environments for 15-20 days to promote the study of the host country’s language and culture.


Its wide variety of host family immersion, language, sports and activity programs are located in eleven countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Malta, Italy and Germany.  Programs in the United States are currently offered in 13 states.


Hosting a French student is a great way to learn about and share each other’s culture and a wonderful opportunity to create meaningful and memorable friendships that can last forever.  French students visiting America return to France with wonderful stories about how American host families are so generous, kind and hospitable.  And Americans acquire a deeper understanding of and appreciation for France and its people.



This web site addresses primarily host family immersion programs offered in the United States.  French students and parents seeking information about all programs and destinations offered by ECI world-wide should visit the French web site:  www.eci.asso.fr


Contact us via email at: info@eciusa.org  or call us at (651) 646-4476